Need help passing A+

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I can not seem to get past my A+ practice tests. icon_cry.gif
I am a female student currrently attending MTI in Sacramento, CA.

I have taken the A+ class 2 times and both times I haven't gone in to take the final exam. Not to mention that I haven't even began to try and take the real test. I can't seem to retain the information I take notes, and I study but I freeze when it comes time to take a test. I am not stupid but I think the 6 weeks I am given to learn everything I am supposed to know is not enough time. Is anyone out there willing to help or give me some pointers as to what steps I can take to get this certification? I don't want to watse my time I've invested in the school and the money. HELP icon_rolleyes.gificon_eek.gif:D


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    Repitition is the key... focus on one part until you understand it completely and your able to recall the material at will. Then move on to the next section.
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    No doubt, A+ covers a lot of material. That's the big problem.

    I took 8 weeks on OS and then 8 weeks on Core in accelerated courses at a local state college. It included a pretty good lab atmosphere.

    Even after that, none of the 6 of us who took the classes felt confident enough to pass. It's just so much material but, I sure learned a lot in those classes. You probably know more than you think you do.

    I studied another 5 months and read 2 study guides besides what was required for the classes. My favorite was the All-In-One Exam Guide by MIke Meyers. I also practiced with OSs on an old PC that I had.

    The big thing is to learn to differentiate between what info that you just have to memorize and what is needed to actually do troubleshooting and configuration.

    Mainly, if you like IT work, dive in and have fun with it!!

    They're only exams. They do not determine who's a winner or who's a loser, the exam is just an indication of who knows enough to be considered knowledgeable enough to pass the test. With enough practice you can do it.

    Best of luck.
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    I would definitely recommend the Mike Myers All In One, I used it to pass my test. What janmike said is correct you need to study, but hands on is definitely key to success. Try to play around with the different OS's. You can't really break them and if you do just do a reinstall and start playing again (hands on is the best way to learn). Also try to get your hands on as many practice tests as possible.

    Mike Myers All In One

    Check out the link above.

    I do have to admit I am really a Sybex Press fan, but this book covers all you need to know and it is full of easy reading to keep you interested. From what I've seen the technical classes don't cover enough material for you to pass the test. More times than not you will need to get your hands on extra study material to pass the test.
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    Hey suziz28

    Have to agree with lexxydymondz and janmike - the Mike Meyers AIO is the real deal when it comes to A+ study material :) Technical schools are both good and bad, but like most things in life you don't know until you try icon_confused.gif
    The comment on Hands On experience is totally true. I equate it to sex ... reading about it can be great, but nothing beats the real thing icon_redface.gif

    What areas on your practice exams are you struggling with?
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    icon_lol.gif Now I know why it is called Hands On...

    I just wanted to add that it might be very helpful to go to and download and print the exam objectives. What I like to do myself is print it and mark the items that I know I learned enough with a black marker, until I covered them all.
    This allows you to get a good overview of what you should learn and may give you some more confidence.
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