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I have two exchange folders(two .dbx files) that I switch between using different identities. I do this because my older .dbx file hit the limit(2GB), and I couldn't delete those emails. I had 7,000 important emails that save. All was well until an hour ago...I needed to find something, so I did a "find" and had it search the entire folder for a particular reference. It seemed to crash, since there were so many messages...but after waiting 20 minutes or so it came back and showed me the results. I found what I was looking for.

Here's the problem...I couldn't open any of my emails. It told me it couldn't find them! o_O
I looked in the .dbx folder and all 7,000 emails were gone. All I did was run a search.

Scared, I fired up Ontrack data recovery(whew, $1500 program) and told it to repair the .dbx file. It only recovered a mere 600MB. My original .dbx is still 2GB...nothing has changed, I just don't see the files anymore.

What's going on here?


[edit] Well, it seems I may have a corrupt dbx file. I've troubleshooted it and I can't see anything wrong with outlook. I have a program called dbxtract that I'm going to use, and see if it helps.
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