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I passed the a+ (both core & os) last week. icon_lol.gif I admit it was a struggle. The reason for the struggle is in "technicial school" and on my own I was not studying Comptia certified material. I took the core on Friday and some of the material I had never encountered. icon_eek.gif In talking with Advanced Technology (Atlanta) I found out I had received bad information to study from. With the assistance of these people I was able to take both exams on Monday and pass. Just a suggestion - make sure you have Comptia certified materials. Good luck to all! :)


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    Congrats on the pass, and from what I've seen the "Technical Schools" never give you enough information to pass you always have to do outstide studying (which you should always do) to get a pass.

    My opinion "technical schools" are a waste of money if you have the self-disipline to study at home.
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    Congrats on the pass!

    Sounds like a bad experience. Have to say, my experience with A+ classes was very good. Had a good instructor. Had CompTIA approved stuff. But he practically rewrote the whole manual and it was much better.

    Also had good lab equipment to work with. It was expensive, but if newbies can afford it, and if they check out the instructor and the study materials, you can't get a bigger boost.

    If you're somewhat seasoned in the field, then I would say along with Lexxdymondz, you can study at home and do fine because you have a foundation to start from.
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