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Hi everyone yesterday I took the BCMSN exam and sadlly to say I failed score 693.
The book I am using is not good lots of missing topics. The book I am using was CCNP BCMSN Official Exam Certification Guide (4th Edition) (Exam Certification Guide) by David Hucaby.

The book I should purchased is Building Cisco Multilayer Switched Networks (BCMSN) (Authorized Self-Study Guide) (4th Edition) (Self-Study Guide) by Richard Froom, Balaji Sivasubramanian, and Erum Frahim and I would like to ask your help, comments about this book before purchasing.

I failed because of Wireless, ADU and voice, I understand the functions of WLC, WCS, LAP, voice, STP, VLAn, redundancy protocol.


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    Sorry to see that the exam didn't go your way, but like most of the professional level exams, failing isn't so bad if you take away what you need to study up on! I'm sure now that you know your weak points you'll do fine the next time :)

    Have you re-scheduled yet?
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    Thanks, not planning to re-take maybe a month preparation. I like to study more on switching and finding it difficult that routing. I have downloaded andreading the study guide from cisco.
    I hope someone can advice me about the book self study pane.

    I really need a good book that explain and some configuration examples especially wireless and voice. I understand the concept but the how to is the one I need. The 1st book I mentioned I read it 10 times already and someI could memorize but the issue is it lacks of information.

    You help is appreciated.

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    I've found that I have less interest in switching than routing so it gives me trouble because I space out on it. icon_sad.gif
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    Most cisco test takers under estimate the switching. And I think Cisco wants to focus more on Switching than routing.
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    And I think Cisco wants to focus more on Switching than routing.

    Cisco is no longer a router and switch company, I read that somewhere.

    Most canidates seem to underestimate the amount of wireless on the BCMSN and since most people don't have access to Wireless LAN Controllers and Lightweight access points it makes it tough to study for the exam. The voice configurations aren't all that bad, you may want to read a book for the ONT section to get a better handle on it.
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    Sorry about the exam MACattack.

    I agree with dtlokee, while reading the ONT student guide I was thinking some topics were related to the BCMSN exam, and there is a lot of wireless in the ONT book too.

    Oh, and I also agree, the routing/switching thing seems to have reached a second place in importance, maybe behind converged/inteligent networking?, perhaps thats why there is a SONA/IIN chapter in every CCNP book; boring reading by the way.
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    Man dtlokee and I must be on a psychic wavelength. I was about to say the same thing that the current marketing scheme is that they are no longer a switching and routing company. It IS afterall the Human Network!

    Maybe life is just one big Layer 3 switch! icon_wink.gif
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    buy CBT nuggets and watch it over and over again. Thats how I passed. I did most of the switching on my home lab but since I didnt have access to the wireless crap I watched CBt nuggets and basically memorized what the instructor said about the wireless.
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    Does CBT nuggets CWNA - Certified Wireless Network Administrator help you in passing the exam. I have this video and I didn't used it as reference, too late to watch since I got this from one of my friend.

    Now I am thinking to buy the Self study book of Cisco Press not the offical exam certification. Your comments in this book would really be helpful for me. Do I need to buy or just read the book Cisco Student Study Material I have right now?
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    New BCMSN is a VERY hard exam.. no question about it!
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    BORING just finish reading IIN and SONA, I can't wait for my second book to be delivered next july 30th anyway still reviewing wireless and voip using study guides. Actually what interesting to this Study Guide is it telling you straight to the point no wonder why people who are taking Cisco Academy got passed as easy as that. Anyway Lucky to the rich people there.
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    you used the hucaby book and didn't like it??? Crap, i just bought it, meh i still got my reciept
    i herd u leik mudkips lol
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