Passed 294 with 968!

BaggieBaggie Member Posts: 15 ■□□□□□□□□□
I'm now MCSE in Windows Server 2003, now on to next version (after a short break) are Windows 2007/8 (which is it?) exams out yet?

Anyway 42 questions, 3 sims, 1 on GPO's setting desktop restrictions, 1 to do with setting up sites and links and the other was to do with disabling schema objects and assigning permissions to schema - all pretty straight forward.

Some of the questions were a bit dodgy (i marked 7 out of the 39 for review) but i must have done ok.

I used MS Press, Testout (i agree with other guys that the bloke talking is very annoying with his big pauses and intakes of breath - come on Testout get rid of him!), Transcenders and Visual Cert exams. Like always study, take trans study on subjects weak in take tests again, seems to work.

Well a well earned break now, good luck to everyone still to take this exam, prepare well and it's a breeze.


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