Security+ blues

msnelgrovemsnelgrove Member Posts: 167
I'm finally ready! I've studdied and researched all the domains and topics, I've done countless practice tests and labs, but I can't take the test...

I'm living in a community in Canada's Arctic where there is no road access and the nearest Prometric / Vue testing center is a $900 (round trip) plane ticket away. Also, I will have to spend at least $200 for a hotel when I go (two nights). All to take an $200+ exam (thank goodness for my 25% of voucher!). All that to prove I know what I need to know to become Security+ certified! Times like these when I wish I was still living in Alberta! :P

Usually sometime in September the airline has a seat sale and it cuts to $900 round trip to roughly $400 :)


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    SlowhandSlowhand Mod Posts: 5,161 Mod
    That's rough, man. Good luck on the exam, when you finally do take it. This might be one of those cases where you'd be justified in preparing for more than one exam per trip to the testing center.

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    matradleymatradley Member Posts: 549
    Wow! Best of luck to you on your exam.
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    NinjaBoyNinjaBoy Member Posts: 968
    Ah man, and I thought purchasing just an exam voucher to resit was expensive icon_eek.gif

    Good luck when you take your exam.

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    sprkymrksprkymrk Member Posts: 4,884 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Wow, you must be in a really remote location! icon_eek.gif
    And they have computers there? icon_lol.gif

    Best of luck to you! icon_cool.gif

    I also agree with Slowhand on the multiple exams per trip idea. Maybe not scheduled for the same day, but a day apart or at least one in the morning and one late afternoon. The extra day at the hotel (if needed) would at least save you the cost of the plane ticket.
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    msnelgrovemsnelgrove Member Posts: 167
    Thanks to everyone for the support! :)

    I am living approx 200km inside of the arctic circle in a community that has about 3500 people. Surprisingly there are quite a bit of computers up here, I work for the only computer related business in town. The north is about 5 years behind everybody else in terms of technology as we just got DOCSIS 2.0 modems last year!

    I agree about taking more than one test while down there, however this is going to be my last Comptia exam. I suppose I could do 70-270 or another one to start on the MCSE track. :P
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    sir_creamy_sir_creamy_ Inactive Imported Users Posts: 298
    Actually if you're paying so much dough to write an exam why are you wasting your time with CompTIA?!
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    msnelgrovemsnelgrove Member Posts: 167
    This is the first one where I've had to fly around to get to a testing centre. before I was only an hours drive. Security+ is the last Comptia that I want to get before moving onto other certificates
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