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Dear Friends

I wish u r fine ..... I am too confused and i wish u could help me ... we all know that CEF is enabled by default on catalyst (4000 & 3550) . I know i can disable it on interface basis using "no ip cef" (for 4000 series ) and "no ip route-cache cef" (for 3550 series) ... But can i disable CEF globally (from global configuration mode) ???? I know that if ip routing disable , CEF will also be disabled .... i also read on the net that i can disable cef globally using (no ip cef) from global configuration mode ..... Is that true ??? can any one help ?????

Thanks in advance


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    Depending on the model the command to globally disable cef sould be "no ip cef" or "no ip cef distributed" because some of the models use distributed cef on the blades.

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