Woohoo!!! Passed 70-271

thelaststop720thelaststop720 Member Posts: 7 ■□□□□□□□□□
Passed today with score of 799 (not great, but passing!). My worst area was network protocols and services, pretty tricky/tough questions on those questions. Be sure to know DNS/WINS stuff (as I've seen mentioned on here several times).

Also have a question that maybe someone else can answer. Lots of questions start out with "You're working at a company with 100 computers running XP Professional". Some questions specify XP Pro SP2. Is this little detail that important? It seems like some specified SP2 while others did not. There are definitely some questions pre-SP2 (mentioning ICF, etc.). Just wondering if anyone else had run into something similiar.

I study from the MS self-paced book, several websites, and just got the XP Pro Admin Pocket Consultant a few days ago, lots of good information in there.

Taking a week off, start studying for 70-272 next...


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