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I'm doing a project in school where we have to design an e-commerce website (just on paper) that integrates with a ODBC database. I've googled and googled and can't find much information about this. I have found that ASP and PERL both can do this but im kinda lost. Could anybody give me some good links so that I can get a better handle on this. icon_confused.gificon_confused.gificon_confused.gif

I'm suppose to come up with the Technical Requirements for the web server along with the interface that will connect the web server to the DB server. Also security is a big issue but I figure that we can put the web server in a DMZ and the DB server in the corporate net??? Good suggestion?

Any help at all would be appreciated.


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    i suggest you do a search on cpanel and fantastico. these are typically used interfaces supplied with linux-based web hosts and come with e-commerce solutions.

    i have never set-up e-commerce, but i suspect that the majority of the solutions will use either mysql and php.
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    the e-commerce thing makes it scary, but hey... it's just a simple php or asp and a mysql or mssql. straighten out a normal ODBC design first. whether you'll use a DSN or another interface, that backbone should go on paper first. then put the u-interface tier in place. sorta play around with it before you have it on a webserver with e-commerce capabilities and everything.

    If your out for MS technology, MSDN and Technet will sure have something for you. If it's php and mysql, then you can get the whole documentation of both technologies on the web at no cost. icon_cry.gif
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    Thanks guys, this is the first time i've ever come in contact with this sort of thing and *THANK GOD* we don't have to put it in to production. My teacher never told us what kind of ODBC database it was so I'm going to have to get a lil more information from him. He really wants only the basics, so I'm going to do a lil research on which technology ASP or PHP would be better in which situation. Can ASP work with linux products or is it strictly MS technology? Same with PHP? I'm going to dive back in to my i-net+ book just to see what they say, but from what I remember they didn't talk in too much detail about e-commerce sites and solutions.

    Anyway thanks again.
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    Yes, ASP is strictly MS... PHP is meant for Linux/Apache, but in some cases and sometimes with some mdoifications can be ran on MS/IIS too... the latter is not advisable though..
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