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I have seen this question

I do not quite understand this answer. Please explain.

Your company win 2k domain controller contains an OU named Shipping. The domain is in native mode. You want to delegate the control of the Group Policy setting to the Shipping OU to a global group named Help Desk. Members of the Help group need to be able to create and edit new GPO’s and assign those GPO’s to the Shipping OU. You do not want these members to assign GPO’s to other OU’s. What should you do? (Choose 2)

A. Add the Help Desk group, to the Group Policy Creator Owner security group.

(This is the answer that I do not understand)\

B. Create a new security group named Group Policy administer in the Shopping OU. Add the Help Desk group to the new group.

C. On the existing OU assign the Read & Write permission to the HD group.

D. On the Shipping OU assign the apply group policy permission the HD group.

E. On the Shipping OU deny write permission to the HD group.

F. On all the other OU's in the domain except the Shopping OU, deny write permission to the HD OU.

The answers are A and B. Why and how A?

thank you very much..
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