What's the fuss about all these Braindumps anyway?

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What's the fuss about all these Braindumps anyway?

I used Transcender and Self-Test before my exams. They are tough! more than the real exam. But some are strikingly similar to the real exam. So can you call these products Braindumps? How about the Measure-Up test exams approved by Microsoft? I believe these are just braindumps presented in a nice way by denying you the answers and explanations until you've chosen your answer.

I believe that CISCO and MICROSOFT should never ever recycle any exam question and create a new pool of questions every year rather than going after all those braindumpers. Even MICROSOFT and CISCO with all their might cannot fight and win against the whole world. It is just like the cat chasing after its tail. There will always be a percentage of people who will try to **** and beat the system. This is human nature. The best way is to safeguard it by plugging all the holes. If the exams questionnaires are always new then all those braindumps will easily become useless. Also it is more economical for them to do this rather than catch all the braindumpers of the world.

How do governments conduct their Engineering and Medical Board Examinations?
How do governments conduct their BAR exams?

All the exam questions are never before given. Always NEW questions.
Also all the previous exams are published.

How can you **** now if this is the case?

The only thing I am afraid of is the paper MCSE or CCNP where the know-nothing person will just pay a lot of money for an Expert MCSE or CCNP to take the exam for him.

This is especially rampant in India. How I knew? I was offered once before. And I knew half a dozen Indian CCNA who don't know how to put a name to a router or what an Administrative Distance is.

The only thing stopping me from accepting their offer is my degree in Electronic Engineering. I pride myself in passing the Board Exam. If I passed the Board I can pass all these exams....


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    I believe that CISCO and MICROSOFT should never ever recycle any exam question and create a new pool of questions every year rather than going after all those braindumpers.

    I don't think this would work either -- what would stop these braindump sites from sending people out the same day new questions are released, and creating all new braindumps? If anything, it would just create a small delay between the time new questions are released and when braindump sites can distribute these questions/answers.

    Personally, I take these certifications because they provide a nice structured way to learn/reinforce the material. The certificates themselves might look nice in your office, but they really only have value if you master the topics covered in the exam(s). If people want to get certified just for the sake of getting certified, it's their loss, not mine.

    Sure, cheaters may devalue certifications, but if I can back up my certs with on-the-job performance, that's really all that matters.
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    You're right BeaverC32. But it'll surely cut off a big chunk of those Braindump passers.

    There are other ways to plug off the loopholes. But my point is if they pattern the exam after those Board or Bar exams it would be better. Like for example scheduled monthly exams where the questionaire will be used only for that exams etc....

    Personally, I'm a more "free thinking" person. As long as he is the one sitting on the exam when he pass I consider it pass. He would be at least knowledgeable of the questions in order to get it right. Right?
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    The best way to fight braindumping IMO is for them to have a larger question pool, and several differing versions of each of the questions that have very subtle differences (for example, adding a NOT which makes the answer the opposite, or a minor change to a system's details that are presented in an exhibit that changes the entire outcome of the scenario).

    The memorizations techniques work because there isn't any variation like that to throw people off.
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    Let's not do another one of these yet again. We had plenty of discussion about this over the years and I always end up banning people for violation our Registration Terms. It's a dead horse as well, using braindumps, reading the actual exam questions up front 'is' cheating. That's not a matter of opinion but a cold hard fact.

    Knowing the questions and answers to a test before taking it renders the test ‘entirely’ invalid as a measurement because it is literally impossible to tell how the student would have scored if he/she wouldn’t have read the questions and answers up front. It’s no different from stealing the exam answers from the instructor’s briefcase, making copies and passing it to all students. Whether it's combined with legit material or how intensively they are used doesn't change anything. Just ordinary cheatsheets that have no place in the industry of 'professional' IT certifications and certainly not here at TechExams.net.

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