Cisco 5400XM IP IP GW configuration consulting

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to all,
working in a company which is VoIP LD service provider. Had being used TDM PRI connection as local access inbound connection.
topo like this:
switch carrier -> PRI -> Cisco AS5400 -> Softswitch -> LD termination

we would like to embrace the IP based inbound traffic into our system, and still need Cisco GW for authentication(radius client) and the IVR player. Studied the feature of CIsco IP IP GW feature, and feel like this is what we are looking for.
IP base inbound traffic (SIP or H.323) -> Cisco AS5400 -> LD termination

I had no experience on the IP IP GW feature set. looking forward the advice or consultant help from experienced expert.

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    The IP IP GW is really simple to set up. Its nothing but a couple commands. If you are not really doing and digit manipulation then you just have to have some dial-peers pointing the calls to the callmanager.
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