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First, Thank you to anyone who answers these questions. :D

I need to perform a survey for a paper I am writing. The topic I chose deals with the world of IT durring the years of the "DOT-COM" bust. The paper discusses the overall feeling within the IT community before, durring and after the years of 1999. Including what people had to do to survive, and if everyone benifited "overall" with the situation ( better technology, better work enviorments etc ). And I would like to post my survey here for answers from those who were working during the "Bust"

So again, thank you for you time in filling this out. If you do not want to post your answers you can send them in a PM. If you need an email address I can supply that also.


1.Tell me a little about yourself. For example: What is your level of education ( degree/ Certifications)? What city / state do you live in? Do you have a family? How many years have you been in IT?

2.What was your first job in IT? What year was it?

3.Were you employed in IT during the years prior to 1999? If so what was the overall feeling in the work place?

4.Were you employed in IT after 1999? If so what was the overall feeling in the work place?

5.How big is the company that you work for now? How many IT personnel are on staff?

6.During your years as an IT professional, have you felt you job requirements change? If so how?

7.Did you feel that it was necessary to obtain certifications?

8.Was their anything specific you had to do to keep a job during the years of 1999-2001?

9.Do you feel that your job today is more streamlined than before? Are you able to get more done?

10.Do you think Information Technology has benefited from the “Dot-Com” crash?
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