Noob passed 301 today! Some thoughts

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I just got back from taking the 301 exam. I passed with a 545. I'm dissapointed with my grade. Nothing was on there that I crammed for. Not a single IRQ, DMA, or I/O address question. There were also no throughput or cable length questions. I only had 1 laser printer question, and it wasn't even the big CCWDTF question. What PO'd me the most was the lack of processor questions. Only 1, and it was simple! There were plenty of SE SCSI/LVD and Hardrive/BIOS/ATA limitation questions. I think thats were I got hit the hardest. As far as the new objectives go, I only recall seeing a question about touch screens.

In all, I'm glad the test is behind me. Time to start studying for the OS exam.


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    Sounds like you went through "the test of fire" on this one!

    Maybe the "luck of the draw", maybe CompTIA is changing concentration areas to foul up the cheaters. Only they know. Sounds like you did a good job of studying.

    Best of luck on OS.
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    Congrats on the pass!

    I felt the same way after my A+ Core test, like 75% of what I studied was not even on the test. Afterwards, I spoke to the test adminstrator, and he said that most people feel the same way. So take heart, we are not alone!

    I agree with Janmike, you apparently did a great job of studying!

    Good luck with studying for the OS. I am at the beginning stages myself and it's been a real trial for me just installing and uninstalling Win95 & Win98se. It's gets very frustrating at times but when I find a fix, it's a great feeling, and in the end, I know it will pay off!

    Onto O/S! :D
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    Thanks for the congrats. After thinking about it, I believe there is a reason the passing score is so low. There is so much knowledge a technician must have. A tech can be profecient with a 515+ score. He may lack in certain areas but more than likely they know where to find the answers. That's one thing I noticed while taking the test. If I didn't know the answer I knew where to look for a reference.

    One thing I recall having trouble with were the multiple choice answers. The all seemed very ambiguous.

    I do want to say thanks for the Technotes! I focused alot on the material in them.
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    congrats on the pass.
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    Congrats on the pass and good luck with the OS test.
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    congrats and goodluck for both of us in the OS.
    Just a little bit curious on the exam format. Cause I took up my core exam last nov. 24 and i was in linear format (2001 objectives). And now I'm preparing to get the OS with the new 2003 objectives. Is the new exam an adaptive format?

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