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how does everyone feel about this resource?
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    liven wrote:
    how does everyone feel about this resource?

    just looking at that book was daunting in the store (like 1,000 pages). Ive heard from some its overkill, then a few others that it was great. The popular choice seems to be the sybex book, and I decided to go with that one. I cant comment on the actual content of the syngress, but the sybex book is pretty comprehensive.
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    I thumbed through the sybex book and really liked it :)
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    Syngress gives more background on the beginnings and development of some of the technologies and companies involved with them. It's interesting for us history buffs, but not test relevant.
    As far as the basic info needed for the exam, it is very good. It covers the same info as Sybex but with more asides that you may or may not find interesting. Both will do the trick though.

    (I strongly recommend Syngress's MCSE books if you're going that route)
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    I'm going through this book right now after having just read through the sybex the past two weeks. I can't attest to the quality yet, as I haven't taken the test (I'm scheduled to take it in two weeks) but I can tell you up front that the syngress is a bit longer on background information than the sybex. I'll admit though that I'm finding it easier to read than the sybex since the tone of the syngress book is more conversational while the sybex was kind of like a college textbook. So I'd say either would be fine to study with but both would be even better :D
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    The wireless section in the syngress book is way overdone. I had to ignore it and read the wirless chapter in my other text which addressed just the test objectives. Besides that I thought it was an excellent study guide.
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