study for 293 and 299 at the same time?

is there enough overlap to justify this? I have taken the official courses for both and it seems like 293 was a transition between 291 and 299, the network stuff on 293 isn't very captivating to me however I don't want to get in a slump because of it and slack on finishing my MCSE track, so i've been thinking about merging my prep for the two test, the security stuff on 299 is way more interesting to me, and security is more interesting to me in a general sense, I think 291 burnt me out on MS network infrastructure icon_wink.gif

any thoughts
get back to studying!!!


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    There are a lot of security topics on 70-293, which is what I'm studying right now. You can probably help yourself out as you're going, by reviewing the things that do overlap from 70-299, giving you a more solid understanding of the security topics you'll be tested on. Of course, you'll still have to study the infrastructure topics independently, like clustering for example. I'd say that doing the 70-299 or 70-298 right after the 70-293 probably isn't a bad idea, since the transition will be easy, but doing them at the same time and scheduling them on the same day or even the same week, probably isn't a good idea.

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    lol, no I can't handle two exams that close together!!!

    just speaking in general about the overlap of security topics, moreso to break the monotony of the networking topics that flow over from 291, the new stuff I don't mind, but it's the stuff that was already on 291 that I am sick of reading about icon_confused.gif

    I just don't want to get discouraged from lack of interest that's all.
    get back to studying!!!
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