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Hey guys,

Just a quick thanks to the advice i got off this site, incredibly useful resource!

I took the exam today and passed with 795, really wasn't expecting to pass though as a few of the topics like process trees/maps had never come up in my training material, but educated guesses paid off :)

The questions i got seemed a nice broad coverage of linux:

lots of ssh,
file permissions, suid/stickybits etc
boot managers

However i thought some critical areas were missed out such as security, i got nothing on tripwire, snort, ethereal or the likes, also got very little hardware questions i.e IRQs, SCSI, DMA etc, overall a nice exam though, and i learnt alot teaching myself the course.

I have only had a year of personal experience using linux on home server, so no professional/work base experience (yet!), and I spent about a month using the Linux+ In Depth book, and the TestOut training software.

Up next is Network+ & Security+ :D
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    Awesome job! Good Luck on Net+ and Security+.
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    Congrats, and good luck on the next two. icon_cool.gif
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    There was a conscious effort during the latest revision of the L+ exam to not concentrate so much on hardware. The original exam was almost a mini A+ exam due to it being so hardware intensive. There was also debate over the amount of coverage devoted to security. If you try and get too deep it gets into a lot of overlap with Security+. We tried to get a good mix while covering more security and networking than the previous exam. Looks like we achieved that goal to a certain degree.

    Network+ shouldn't give you much trouble and would serve as a good warmup rfor Security+.
    Best of luck. icon_cool.gif
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    Congrats on the pass! I'm taking mine tomorrow (later on today, actually - it's that late already?!) Wish me luck!
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    Good Luck JR-13!
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