it'sa been a while

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hi everyone

I'm sure someone here remembers my nick at least but it's been a while since I've posted

my job changed and I was swamped but with people taking vacation I'm getting some serious study time in and I'm ready for the beast

are there any topics that are really being hit hard lately

i've deployed a WSUS server at work

I'm comfy with DNS and DHCP as well as RRAS and IPEC

I plan to write around Aug 1st give or take a few days and I'm in final prep mode

just wondering if MS seems ot really be picking on any key areas (please don;t give me exact exam questions though)

let me know if there is anything you can think of

I'm consistently scoring well on practice exams (tried multiple ones) and I'm quite confident in my skills right now but jsut want to quick check up


  • royalroyal Member Posts: 3,353
    Sounds like you're good to go. It seems as though RRAS and DNS are the real killers. If you're comfortable with those 2, then you should be fine. Not to mention you're comfortable with the other technologies and are scoring high on practice exams. Good luck on the exam and let us know how it goes.
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    Welcome back, and good luck!
    All things are possible, only believe.
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