Passed today 842

famosbrownfamosbrown Member Posts: 637
Passed this exam today with 842. It was pretty fun with the simulations, but the questions seemed a little lengthy and riddled. Not bad though...I think I answered a few questions based on what I would do or do in production, and that may have gotten some of my answers wrong too. Who knows...

The score report said tht I was perfect in all Planning and Implementing, but 50-75% on managing and maintaining. I guess I better only plan, implement, and then go about my business :D .

Simulations included Schema class modifications, GPO configurations, Site topology configurations, and I can't remember the other one...I think I only had four.

Majority of the questions were GPO, FSMO, and AD structure questions.

I took the 2279 MOC, used the book, MS e-Learning, and Measure Up practice test. I also use AD and GPMC everyday.
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