70-260 today

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I'm taking this exam in about 4 hours time... fingers crossed I'll pass, I'll let you know how it went!
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    best of luck, and welcome to the forums icon_cool.gif
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    Let us know your experience after the exam...
    I've started to study for 70-620 this week with the sybex-book and a brand new Vista Ultimate OEM icon_wink.gif
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    Good luck...I plan on sitting this exam next week, so I would be interested in hearing your impressions.
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    Just got back from sitting the exam... passed with 884. Overall I found the exam easy, there were topics that I wasn't to sure of (such as RSS options) that I just worked out because the other answers were clearly wrong. Study wise I spent about 2 days studying, the technotes on these forums were a great help. I spent a bit of time looking around the MS Vista website and getting to know all the features.

    I wonder if this exam will get harder, because it's vastly easier than 70-270 (XP exam)
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    The fact that they actually quiz you on the configuration of Aero (at this point) is pretty ridiculous. I realize that M$ is touting this thing pretty heavily and that some of the concepts in terms of how the GUI is painted is important, but seriously, in it's current use, the bottom line is that Aero is a slick looking, polished, 3D manner in which to rotate between windows and a "look and feel" of the desktop.

    I'm curious why they don't discuss in more detail about why the Computer Management screen is now done in XML format or how some of the features that you used to have to run on your own, such as Defrag are now done for you.

    I've been running Vista Ultimate at home now for upwards of 3 months and while the thinking behind it is wise (M$ forcing people to use a specific rule set in order to do their programming), coupled with them FINALLY adding encryption possibilities to the physical drives (BitLocker) puts Vista in a good light. That said however, it's much like most M$ products (and I'm actually very pro M$), bulky, requires too much horsepower to get it functioning the way you want it to and the driver support for it CURRENTLY is sub par. It's coming along nicely, and the exam is well worth it based on knowing the product before it goes into production use (I work for an Engineering firm...we won't see Vista until 2009 due to software limitations), but the overall product so far is.....a C+ at this point.

    Sorry if I went off topic :)
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    congrats on the pass :D
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