Trying to figure out a roadmap for my training

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I am looking for some advice on what steps I need to take in order to ensure the easiest time possible finding positions doing network and security administration. I'm currently one semester away from my A.A.S. in Networking Technology and I already have my Network+, Security+, and Linux+. I'm working on my MSCE: Security right now, and then I'm going to get my CCNA. I'm not sure where I need to go from there though. Eventually, I want to do security admin and consulting, as that's where my main interest lies. I'm not even sure if I should bother pursuing further certifications after I finish up these two.

Right now it looks like after I finish at my current school I'm probably going to be headed to engineering school to get my B.S. in EE, and I think I'm going to try to go for an M.S. in Information Security after that. I guess my question is really, is there any reason for me to pursue further certifications beyond the basics if I will eventually have a graduate degree in infosec and should I be pursuing security certifications while I continuing my education? If I do need to continue with becoming certified, I'm thinking of going for my CCSP and then doing the SANS GIAC path to eventually get my GSE, since most of those count for credit towards an MS in Information Security if you go through the SANS Institute.

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