Finish MCSE or on to CCNA?

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Hey guys(or gals),
I have been wrestling with this situation for about a month now and could use some input from some strangers(family and friends were no help icon_wink.gif )I have 2 more tests to take for my MCSE but am a little burned out with Microsoft stuff. My job gives me $1000/yr. tuition reimbursement and I was thinking of taking some cisco classes at the CC starting next month. The problem is, I'll probably be quitting my job in Dec. to move back to the west coast and I think I should take advantage of some free classes before I quit. But I'm so close to finishing my MCSE that I think maybe I should knock out these last few tests first before moving on to CCNA, but by that time I'll probably be on my way back west and the chance for free classes would be gone. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


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    Do you have an MCSA? I think an MCSA + CCNA would be more valuable then just an MCSE. Do you have the experience to go with the CCNA?

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    Well, you won't find anyone stranger than me, so I'll take a shot. :)

    If you stay on the MS path and earn your MCSE you'll have a good item for the resume that can help you land a job after you move. If you earn your CCNA by December (possible, depending on your expereince and what all) then you would have that for the resume. So it depends on which one you think you can finish by the time you move. The $1000 is small change in the long run, so I wouldn't factor that in to the equation personally. What I mean is that the payoff will come with whatever job you are able to get on the west coast - and having either the CCNA or MCSE will contribute to your success in landing something and what your starting pay will be.

    While you may be burned out on MS, at least it's still fresh in your mind, and your chances of nailing the last two exams by December are good. Starting from scratch on CCNA may be harder to do by December.

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    Thanks for the replies guys. I think I will finish my MCSE before venturing into Cisco.
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    Just a lot of knowledge to retain. I was looking at a Windows 2003 certification, so several books and videos later...I find myself staring at a CCNA book and trying to remember how to configure a router.


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    I think that any sort of balance of certs shows a "jack of all trades" focus that jobs look for...provided the certs arent totally unrelated. It puts you on a better track for finding work that is in a smaller company where there is more opportunity to do multiple things.

    Im doing the CCNA currently, and since I notated as such on my resume (and I havent completed it yet) I have had three phone calls about potential jobs. One I interviewed for but turned down since my current job pays better. My goal is to get an MCP (70-270 probably) and Security+.

    It also depends on how you learn best. If you've done several MS tests, and you're comfortable with em...forgo em for a bit, crank out CCNA, and try going the self-study route on the last few MCSE certs.
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