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I have the All in One Network book by Mike Myers second Edition. I have just completed the book and was doing the Exams with the Free CD you get but noticed that the questions where extremly easy. Surely the Exam must be harder than the CD exam in Myers book. I have used the Test on this site amongst others, though I normally get between 75 - 90% right I have to think a lot more and I do not always pass so I am still studying. But has anyone else noticed this ???


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    Hi there! I got the Mike Meyers passport books for both the A+ and the Netowork+ exams. I passed the A+ last month but I have to say that the questions in the Meyers books do not compare well in regards to the difficulty of the real exams.

    You can get some free demos via the net which are far superior in terms of quality:
    http://www.transcender.com/ get a demo for any exam!
    http://www.preplogic.com/ click on "demo" got get free questions
    http://www.examforce.com/customer/special4.php?sid=525 I just downloaded this stuff not sure how good it is but its all free and if they are giving it away who am I to argue? :D
    http://www.mcmcse.com/ 100 free questions on this site - real good!
    http://www.cramsession.com/ I signed up with these guys and they gave me 72 questions the exam same CD for the Exam Cram Book which was free although I had to wait about a week and a half before the sent it to me. I used the Exam Cram book for my A+ with the CD and it worked real well.
    http://www.pagesbydave.com/GEO/netplus.html this site is meant to be real good although I haven't had a good look at it.
    http://www.comptia.org/certification/Network/objectives.asp most importantly get the exam objectives and print them out and read it daily and tick off each objective you fully understand. However, the objectives you do not know so well well have to be studied futher.

    By the way I'm planning on taking my Network+ exam on Monday, I've been preparing for it for the past week and am doing real well so I hope to pass and then do my Server+ exam in 2 or 3 weeks. Good luck with your exam and take care :D
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    It is generally agreed upon that the All-In-One practice tests are somewhat easier than the real thing. I have to agree after taking the real one. But, I don't think that there's a better exam guide than this one.

    You're right to check other practice sources. The practice tests on this forum have given you a good idea of the actual difficulty of the CompTIA.

    Best of luck!
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    Many Thanks for all the Links have been most useful. Good Luck with Your Exam let me know how you get on. I to am going to take the Server+ Exam after this but will need more time to study than you. I have been in IT for 6 years but still struggle with Exams.

    Have you a got a Mike Myers book for the Server+
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    Don't think Meyers has personally written one. However, he does have a series he calls Certificaton Passport. There is one in that series by Bigelow for Server+. I didn't use it.

    I did use All-In-One Server+ Exam Guide by Bigelow. It's a good technical book with a lot of detail on how-to stuff, but it became boring about half way through and I quit using it. It's a good technical reference though.

    My favorite was Server+ Certification by Elton Jernigan. But, use more than one book. Maybe Server+ by Bird and Harwood. This is a tough test.

    Best of luck.
    "It doesn't matter, it's in the past!"--Rafiki
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    Thanks for the encouragement. I'll let you know how the exam goes next week. As for your exam technique this site really is good, have a look: http://www.unn.ac.uk/central/studserv/exam.htm that should help you out a lot. It takes a while to get back into preparing for exams as well as actually taking them. Later man and good luck with the Server+ exam!
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