Can I use

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Fedora 7 to install and practice on?

Is this all I will need to pass linux+?



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    From the latest CompTIA Linux+ objectives, in Domain 1.0 (installation) it states:
    The candidate is not expected to know how to install a specific distribution, but should be familiar with setting used by installers on the major distributions. The scope of the exam is limited to software and settings common to Linux software from Red Hat, SuSE, Mandrake, and TurboLinux. Students will need to know one, not all, of these distributions.

    It also lists in 1.9:
    Manage packages after installing the operating systems (for example: install, uninstall, update) (for example: RPM, tar, gzip)

    Notice they specifically mention RPM? That is used primarily in Red Hat/Fedora.

    From Domain 3.0 (Configuration):
    Special utilities, such as linuxconf, or distribution-specific utilities will not be used.

    So my guess is that you'll be 90% okay with just using Fedora, but it wouldn't hurt to skim the commands specific to Debian as well.
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    TBLTZ wrote:
    Fedora 7 to install and practice on?

    Is this all I will need to pass linux+?


    i heard from others that this exam was designed with RedHat / Fedora in mind...RPM based questions are expected....i used Fedora 6 to study for my exam.
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    I would recommend using a Redhat and Debian based distro (like Ubuntu) when studying for Linux+ and especially LPI. Also, be sure to check the objectives for the L+ exam at

    Good Luck! :D
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