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Ok i have just been tasked with copying our ISA 2004 server along with all the DNS config onto an identical server. I thought ok i will just copy everything from one to the other but then thought how can i due to the fact you cant join 2 identical servers to the domain. Can i copy all the DNS and ISA info onto the new server as long as its in a workgroup? and then take the old server off the Domain and join the new one or is there an easier way?? Also the ISA install has to go on a different drive to the old server.


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    I would think the easiest way to copy the DNS info to a new server would to be to set up a secondary zone and use a zone transfer to the other server, then promote to primary. As far as ISA 2004, I think oyu can use the MMC to back up the configuration and then restore on the new server, never tried it but might work.
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  • billybob01billybob01 Member Posts: 504
    I`m not too worried about the ISA install it`s just the DNS. I am not sure wether i can copy the DNS from the other server while the new server is not joined to the Domain?
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    Are you using AD integrated DNS? If so, just set up another Domain Controller and install DNS.

    Otherwise, your zone data is in the %SystemRoot%\System32\Dns directory. You can back that up for starters.
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  • billybob01billybob01 Member Posts: 504
    Cheers sprkymrk. Do i need to install DNS first? You see what i am unsure of is how much of the DNS and ISA install can i do without joining the server to the Domain. What i would like to do is copy the existing ISA server onto the new server and then de-commission the old server and just join the new server to the Domain with everything configured the same, but i dont think i can.
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    You'll end up with a new SID anyway, so I would join the new one to the domain before decomissioning the old one. Then after you decommision the old one you can rename the new one.

    I have not worked with ISA2004, but I managed a couple of ISA2000 servers back in 2001-2003, but I never had to restore a working config to a new server so it's new territory for me. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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