How does everyone do administrative scripting?

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I was wondering how everyone handles this. The scripts at my plant are outdated batch since our domain controller was upgraded from NT4.

The concern I have here is the people who write our database front ends have told me that if the windows scripting host runs on all our machines it could be at major risk for virus's. We use all xp workstations and I believe the scripting host is running by default on xp (I know we haven't manually disabled it)

So my question is will this really be that much of a virus issue? and how is everyone else doing this.

We have recently started making users admins of their machines, and I am thinking about applying our scripts through group policy.


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    I am not sure what the connection is between batch files in a login script and WSH?

    However, making your users local admins is way more dangerous than running WSH or batch files.
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    slinuxuzer wrote:
    We have recently started making users admins of their machines

    Whoa there.. that's a red flag. Why are you making them local admins?
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    The reason we are making users local admins is because my boss believes administratively it will be easier than installing apps for them etc. I tried to convince him this was a bad idea, but he does get the tunnel vision often. This guy hates computers and is basically juiced in because he drank beer with the clique that used to run our plant, corporate fired all his buddies and he is the last hanger on. Gotta love that good ole boy system.

    We are currently using, batch files. (scripts are becoming dated)
    I am wanting to re-write the scripts in vbscript and was told by one of our contracted sql developers that you would have to run wsh (wich is my understanding that it is already running) and that running wsh opens us to more virus issues.

    considering switching to vbscript because I don't know batch really well, same for vbscript and if I gotta learn something from what I know most people use vbscript for administrative scripting.
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    As regards learning scripting be it VBScript or Powershell, Im in the same boat - it's something I want to learn. Another few weeks and I'll be in training for the Scripting Games. No weights thankfully icon_lol.gif

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