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SmallguySmallguy Member Posts: 597
does anyone know how long you have to write this exam I'm trying to book time off and my boss wants to know how long it will take to write the exam

I did look on Microsoft's site but can't seem to find it


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    According to the Prometric website, the exam is 4 hrs 45 mins.

  • SmallguySmallguy Member Posts: 597
    I certainly hope not that is one long exam

    can someone confirm this
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    Smallguy wrote:
    I certainly hope not that is one long exam

    can someone confirm this



    LOL, you don't have to sit in the chair all that time. If you have completed the exam in 2.5 hours then click 'End Exam' and go.
    The 4 hours + is the time limit you have to complete. As long as you have put the studying hours in that time scale should be plenty to take the exam and review your answers before finishing.

    Good Luck.
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  • SmallguySmallguy Member Posts: 597
    I know you do not have to wait for the time to expire...lol

    I actually booked this exam for Thursday next week at 8am

    hopefully ill be nailing this exam first time around and the the boss will pay for it...lol
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    Well i dont like such a Boss what are his priorities anyway. To me it doesn't sound like an professional attitude this is also for his interest. Well if it costs your job and you need to pay hugh bills forget what i have said. But you need a half day off, you are very happy if you get the exam done and pass without time troubles. This exam is one of the most difficult exams and compared to 270 or 290 you need a lot of more time. My advice is get an high score-report as possible like 900. Where i work we hired specialist contract workers for DNS routing etc 70-291 but then for Novell and although they where GOOOOD. Everyone agrees this is the hardest part of all. Everyone can play the monkey, create a user account, install server 2003 and reset a password. Or create a home directory but........... well i think you know what i mean. Everyone who have seen the Testout 70-291 CBT do you remember the beginning of the DNS section man funny funny funny a must see. It's not mr Bean but it shows how serious this topic is.

    The CBT nuggets well nice to watch the man speaks like a waterfall, but really usefull for the
    70-291 not in my oppinion. And i dont understand it the man is also for a part responsible for the exam pool questions track 2003. But i dont get that feeling when i watch the video's.

    What i have to say if you watch cbt Nuggets he shows more skills than others.

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  • OlehOleh Member Posts: 10 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I have passed 70-291 two days ago, and the time was limited to 220 min.
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