Passed 70-297 Today

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I took the 70-297 exam today and passed with a score of 816. To prepare, I read the Exam Cram book, the Nutshell by O'Reilly, and used the Transcender. I read a little bit of the Syngres book but it was such a detailed book and I didn't want to waste time going over all the stuff I'd already learned on the core exams blah blah.

The exam cram book was OK. The Nutshell book was pretty good and the Transcender was good. I'd never use the legendary Transcender before and am impressed with it. It helped a bunch. The only criticism I would offer of the Transcender is that the real exam case reading material is at least twice as long as the reading material for the cases in the Transcender. However, the Transcender questions help greatly. Highly recommended. I don't know if I'll use it again but I felt I needed it for this test to prepare for the case study format questions.


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    Congrats! icon_cool.gif
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    Very cool, congratulations on the pass. What's next for you?

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    Thank you. I am going to take the 70-284 and then I'll have my 2003 MCSE. That will be a happy day. :D

    I appreciate how positive and supportive everyone is on this message board. There's a really nice culture here.
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    Congratulations and good luck on 70-284! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats and good luck on 70-284!
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    Congrats and good luck with the Exchange Exam.

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    Did you find this one to be one of the more difficult exams? Someone at work told me that the 297 was the worst one. What do you think is the hardest one?
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    congrats icon_cool.gif
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