Capping bandwidth to hosts

M_BoydM_Boyd Member Posts: 31 ■■□□□□□□□□
Lets imagine a scenaro - lets say ive got 2 pc's that connect to the internet put into a dsl router.

Lets say PC1 is downloading a few big files and hogging the entire bandwidth and another user goes onto PC2 and tries to browse the web which crawls along at a super slow rate - is it possible to cap the bandwidth on PC1 so that PC2 always always has enough bandwidth to at least browse the web at a reasonable rate....

so if connection has 512kbps download speed

I want to cap PC1 so that it can only use lets say 400kbps so that PC2 always has 112kbps minimum and browse sites without it crawling....

How do we manage do to this ???


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