2nd time a charm

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Hi all,
Passed it. I used Microsoft press training, XP resource, and exam cram. Of the three I would rate XP resource first, microsoft press second, and for "cramming before" exam cram. And just before taking the exam, review and read the tech notes from this site.
Having gotten into this cert stuff late (I'm 53), I am amazed at how much information these books contain and how little you are tested on. 58 questions isn't a lot when you consider the amount of material.
I'm hooked now and I plan to continue on to get MCSE and then after that ccna. I might even try to get a job doing this. I am working on Security + now because I have always been interested in keeping the bad guys out.
For the rest of you, If an old dog like me can do it, and do it without any access/or experience with a server, you can do it too.


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