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I am going to sit the CCNA soon, and I am not worried about passing it.

Currently I use Cisco devices at work. I have been responsible for several switches, CSS, a little pix work and some ASA work.

Now I am really interested in going for the CCSP.

At home I have one 2500 router, and am thinking about getting a catalyst and a 2600 router or greater. I have an abundance of PCs that I could run PEMU on. So my question is, what all do I really need gear wise to be ready for the CCSP?

Would this be enough:

1 2500 router
1 2600 router
1 catalyst switch (maybe 2)
As many computers as need to run PEMU for the PIXs

Do I need to purchase an ASA?
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    liven wrote:
    Do I need to purchase an ASA?
    The big thing for the ASA will be WebVPN -- I'm doing Contexts and Failover on PIX515s. I haven't been following PEMU, so I don't know what the status of the the 8.x code is (and I'm not sure when that will seep into the CCSP). PEMU should get you through the CCSP for now. Check out the following link for some more information...

    For an idea of the CCSP equipment, check out this link which points to the CCIE Security Lab Equipment list -- that should give you an idea on hardware.
    I want to buy hardware for CCSP please give recommendations.

    The IPS and VPN Concentrator, in addition to the PIX(s)/ASA(s), are the other expensive toys useful for studying for the CCSP.... which is why we also usually mention the option of "rack rental." :D
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