Advice Needed On Career Path

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Hi all,

Just after some advice on what to do with my exam credits.

I have passed the following :
220-301 A+ Core Hardware,
220-302 A+ OS Technologies,
70-210 W2K Professional,

I have booked exam 70-271 for August and plan to take 70-272 shortly after that, (as long as I pass 70-271 first :) )

I have 6 Microsoft exam credits left.

Any suggestions on a path forward for these credits icon_confused.gif:

Don't get much exposure in my current job to the server side of operating system, nearly all work is desktop based, but have 2 pc's in a test network and could use 1 as a server (would have to learn how to install a server o/s first).

Any help/advice greatly appreciated.


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    I would recommend taking 70-290 then 70-291 to get your MCSA 2003. And then once you start getting more experience on the Server side start working toward MCSE 2003 once you finish your MCSA.
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    Thanks for the info sthomas, I will bare that in mind after I pass the MCDST exams.

    Anyone else have any other suggestions?
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    Do exams 70-218, 219 or 228 count towards an MCSA?
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    70-218 this is a Windows 2000 exam that is a requirement for the Windows 2000 MCSA. That exam is retiring in March. To get the MCSA 2000, you would need to pass that and 215 by March '08.

    70-219 - is a design exam. It may count as the elective, but I don't think it will. If you complete the MCDST that will count as the elective.

    70-228 - is an SQL 2000 exam. It looks like it is an elective for both the MCSA 2000 & 2003, but SQL is a tough exam unless you have experience with the product.

    Any reason, you are interested in these exams? If you don't work with these version, I would suggest looking into the newer ones.

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    Just a general question,

    I signed up for an IT course a few years ago but never got roud to taking all the exams but have got the books, some of the books still seem to be valid, so was going to sit the exams that I have books for.

    Don't fancy the SQL exam but had the book.

    Would like to study and pass a Windows 2000 70-215 server exam but not sure if my book is valid/current.
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    What book do you have? If it is the MS Press book which edition is it? I thought the 215 exam was easier then 210.

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    MCSE Training Kit
    Microsoft Windows 2000 Server
    ISBN 1-57231-903-8
    ISBN 0-7356-1130-0

    Its the paperback book.

    Hope that helps.
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    I used the early MS Press books for 210, 215, and 217. There was one of them that I didn't think was very good and I think it was the 215 book, so you may want to find a 2nd source for that one.

    If you do go for the MCSA 2000 and you want to upgrade to MCSA 2003 by using the 292 exam, you will need to take 215, 218, 292, and possibly your elective all by March '08.

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    Have been looking on the net and think this book is fit for the bin :)

    I have passed 70-210, 70-271 and will hopefully of passed 70-272 in a couple of weeks, what would you say my best option is for my next exam?

    I have many years of desktop o/s's and applications, but would like to move into servers or networks but cannnot decide.

    If I studied and passed 70-215 would that get me an MCSA?

    Thanks for all you help and advice.
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