3G Wireless HWIC config

larkspurlarkspur Member Posts: 235
I am trying to figure out how to change the bandwidth from 153k to what should be negoiated with the SP Anteena (6meg\3meg).

chat-script cdma "" "ATDT#777" TIMEOUT 60 "CONNECT"

interface Cellular0/1/0
ip address negotiated
ip nat outside
ip virtual-reassembly
encapsulation ppp
dialer in-band
dialer idle-timeout 0
dialer string cdma
dialer-group 1
async mode interactive
ppp chap hostname
ppp chap password
ppp ipcp dns accept
routing dynamic
line 0/1/0
exec-timeout 0 0
script dialer cdma
modem InOut
no exec
transport input all
transport output all
rxspeed 2400000
txspeed 153000

I have tried to change the txspeed and rxspeed but get a repsonse to use modem AT commands.

any idea's on how I can accomplish this? I have scoured the net but seem to be missing something.

If this should be posted elsewhere please let me know!

just trying to keep it all in perspective!


  • larkspurlarkspur Member Posts: 235
    Can anyone point me in the direction for defining tx and rx speeds wtih AT commands on IOS?
    just trying to keep it all in perspective!
  • larkspurlarkspur Member Posts: 235
    i opened TAC case and apparently IOS 12.4(15)t1 fixed the majority of the issues. the bandwidth is much faster and interface stability has been accomplished.

    These are very inexspesive cards and provide a great back up solution.

    just trying to keep it all in perspective!
  • APAAPA Member Posts: 959
    Hey mate,

    Just digging this post up again.... Hopefully your still on the forums......

    We are currently in a POC phase for redundancy and are getting a loan 2801 and HWIC-3G-GSM off Cisco to test with...

    Were there any specific gotcha's with the setup of the 3G backhaul?? We are looking at dial-on-demand backup where the ethernet primary fails so probably a bit more work involved....

    Any extra insight into your experiences with the card would be great :)


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  • larkspurlarkspur Member Posts: 235
    it has been awhile, I belive (hope) Verizon who I used as a carrier has caught up. Cisco released these cards before Verizon or anyone else was ready to support them.

    I found then to work pretty well for a back-up solution. Depending on what type of traffic your running across it, thick client stuff,etc.. Citrix worked very, we delivered a desktop to the users.

    the config documentation from Cisco's web site is real good for configuring the cards for connectivity and back-up. I do recall the ipsec tunnel taking sometime to establish though. but it was terminating against a non-cisco device.

    Let me know if you want the final config and I will post for ya!!

    Does this anwser your question?
    just trying to keep it all in perspective!
  • fbrousseyfbroussey Member Posts: 1 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Hi larkspur,

    I'm trying to configure such a HWIC but i encounter some problems.
    I configure the router as explain in the cisco documentation but the router doesn't receive IP address.
    Does your configuration work ?
    If so could you give it to me as i can compare the 2 to find what is my problem...

    Thanks a lot for your help.

  • APAAPA Member Posts: 959
    HI please post your config

    As I've been playing around with the 3G HWIC and should be able to sort you out :)

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