DNS on windows server 2003

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I am studying for the 70-291 and want to read as many sources as i can about
each modules subjects. In this case 70-291 i red an posting about this book and after
reading good reviews at Amazon.com about this book. I bought it and now i am at chapter
14 of the 16 chapters. To cut corners, using this book for study material because we all know
that DNS is a heavy topic on the exam. I found this book a waste of my time and money.

The book starts great with an good overview and the configuration of a simple DNS setup,
it gives high expectations over the following chapters. But the book gets dry and bla bla bla
text after text pages. Exchange and DNS chapter 5 only 9 little pages.

The reason i wanted this book was to get some knowledge about Prim zones sec zones stub zones and all kind of zones etc etc. Used in a production environment. When to use each of everyone what the differences are etc etc. But instead you get endless chapters over nslookup
and Dig and the switches you can use. So 6 chapters are worth reading from the 16 total. But in those 6 chapters theres nothing much new or valuable info about real world scenario's. But then again that's no surprise because consultants costs a lot of money for setting up a DNS structure, and if those answers would be in a 34 dollar book well we dont want that now do we!!! Strange thing is that they needed 3 authors for writting 16 chapters wich contains less info you would
expect. Compare the knowledge of the 3 authors Matt Larson, Cricket Liu and Robbie Allen
read it on the O'reilly.com site and this book really really feels like a rip off.

Dont believe me for what i am telling you, just buy this book and write a review.
It's the thought that counts
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