CWNA is it for me?

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I am a networking profesional that has plenty experience with LAN\WAN R&S, but no real experience with wireless. I have my CCNA and am thinking about starting my CCNP studies. In your opinion do you think a CWNA would complement a CCNA as far as a networking career? Or would I be better off just getting into the CCNP unless I work in a wireless enviroment. Any information and opinions are greatly appreciated.
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    If you have the CCNA, and no pressing need to exhibit wireless savvy, I would suggest immediately continuing on for the CCNP. While you are studying for the CCNP, also pick up the official CWNA Study Guide and occasionally read it when you need a break from all that Cisco-specific material you are learning. This way you won't feel pressured to learn 802.11 wireless technology for a cert exam, and the information will be easier for you to absorb. Already having the CCNA will put you way ahead on understating the basic Ethernet networking material on the CWNA exam. Once you have the CCNP under your belt then go for the CWNA.

    Also, if you don' already have a wireless network to play with, pick up some basic Linksys or D-Link equipment and start getting some hands-on experience with it.
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    Thanks for the advice. I am starting my CCNP studies as soon as my cert guides get here in the mail. I found a used copy of the current CWNA cert guide for $20. That seems like a steal! I think I'll snatch it up and read up a little as you suggested. Knowledge is power as they say. It never hurts to learn more.
    An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made.
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