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Hi, i'm getting started on my CCNP studies and i'm in the process of getting some routers together for my home lab.

Currently i have two 1721's running 12.4 IOS. I also have two 1601's running 12.0 IOS.

I would like to get one or two more. Do you guys think i should get more with 12.4 IOS or would something like 12.3 be sufficient since I already have two running 12.4.

I would like to get two more running 12.4 but the cost is a bit high, i was able to get the 1721's of ebay for pretty cheep ($200 AUD) but the only ones on there now with 12.4 are up around the $700 mark. Ciscokits has a 3640 for $184 US but delivery to Australia is $200 US so thats way to expensive...

so yea is two routers running 12.4 sufficient for CCNP?
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    You dont need 12.4 for ccnp, you need to understand base technology rather than ios features.If you are interested in buying 2950's or 2610's send me a pm, i'm in Melbourne so shipment shouldn't be so much.I've got lots of wic's and serial modules etc so let me know if your interested.
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