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I have experience with VoIP and CCM but not really in depth knowledge. I can set up a GW/GK and do all the route and trunk configs on call manager. I also have working knowledge of PBX. I also have experience setting up CCME on routers. I am thinking of going into CCNP next, but someone suggested with my skills I should go the CCVP route. Just looking for a little insight. I would like to get both certs eventually. Also with this knowledge do you think I would qualify for a VoIP engineer position? I have about six years experience in voice and networking. Thanks for any input you guys have.
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    Most people would to CCNP first, but in your case I think it really doesn't matter. Remember that CCVP doesn't cover CME, just CallManager, Unity, Voice Gateways, QoS, and general IP Telephony. I would say you'll want at least a year of experience with all areas before starting CCVP, unless you want a really steep learning curve.
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    If you want to get interviews for Voice, then make sure you include something like this on your Resume:

    "Coursework towards CCVP (Cisco Certified Voice Professional)"

    This will grab the attention of recruiters. Make sure you start studying for an exam or two. ;)

    Odds are, you will be contacted by a service provider or consulting firm that would pay for your exams or even send you to bootcamp. Then, follow up with CCNP. It is important, like Johnny 5 says, but it sounds like you have good experience.

    Get your Resume posted on the job boards (dice.com, monster.com, etc.) NOW!!!! CCVP is SUPER HOT!!! I have easily demanded $20K more because of that sweet little acronym on my resume. After 2-3 more years of experience, I won't ask for anything less than 100k.

    Good luck!
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