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I occasionally get a message concerning a buffer overrun that then tells me to exit my program or else all these terrible things will happen. The message always refers to the following:


The warning window appears at all different times. It will even appear on the desktop when the computer is sitting there unused. It also appears frequently while I'm in AOL. HOW DO I STOP THIS, OR FIX IT? Thank you in advance for any help that might be forthcoming.


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    funny you should mention it, but i was browsing the internet trying to find a solution to a problem somebody mentioned to me at work. i wasn't able to remember exactly what the symptoms where, but it concerted internet connectivity (possibly dial-up) and one of the offending files i came across via google was svchost.exe.

    it is part of windows way of looking after dll files. maybe a look through the m$ knowledge base might bring some enlightenment.
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