Can you pass CCNA with just the simulator or do you need to

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have a home lab?



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    I suppose its all about personal opinion. I have read numerous accounts of people swearing by simulators. I myself believe the value of actually plugging in cables, wiring things up, etc is mandatory when going on the cisco cert track.

    If you can be patient and look around there are deals to be made on equipment. obviously, check out Ebay.
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    Check out the "I don’t have any equipment should I buy a Simulator?" section in the FAQ:
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    Put it this way...

    You most likely need the equipment because you need to know things that a simulator does not provide such as how to hook up all the CISCO Cables like Roll Over, cross over, straight through, modems, aux ports, console ports, Hyperterminal....

    If you dont know this stuff then you may fail. I had two 2500 Routers and learned some of the way the devices connect by hands on training. If you dont have the equipment then you need to go to a web site and learn about how to connect a switch, router, hub, CISCO 2600 Series Router, and a CISCO 2900 Series Switch.

    I would recommend at least using a friend's real equipment lab if possible.
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    If you have experience with Cisco equipment you don't need any to pass the CCNA. I didn't do any labs for the CCNA. If you don't have experience I think you need to get some hands on with the real stuff.
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