CompTia Professional Member?

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I recently received a card in the mail to become a CompTia Professional Member. A few of the listed benefits are a voucher for 25% off your next exam. A certificate and ID card. Access to members area of web page. As well as a few other things. Anyway, I was wondering whether or not anyone else received this or had actually become a member? If anyone has, is it worth it and what are the real benefits? Thanks.


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    You'll be getting those until you join. At least, I do. I've had my A+ for almost year, and I get one every month. I'm not completely sure of all the benefits, but it's cheap for 2 years, so I might do it once I start working again next week.
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    It's just a plot to take over the world, pinky! :D

    I receive some of that garbage too, but CompTIA wants me to become a corporate member and open my own repair shop, and pay them $125 yearly (per employee!) just to say that I'm a recognized A+ repair centre.

    Too bad I don't own a business
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