Question about 70-271 and 70-272

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I'm thinking seriously about taking these two tests later this year.

Is it recommended to take the 70-270 test first? I passed the 70-210 Windows 2000 Professional a few years ago so I'm not new to the Windows OS.

How difficult are these two tests compared to the 70-210, 70-270 and 70-620 tests?


  • kyrikazekyrikaze Member Posts: 111
    Hi Bearfan,

    I took the 70-271 and 70-272 the last year in the same time as the 70-270, and I can say that the 70-270 is harder than the two others.

    I see that you are already MCSE, so I don't think the 70-270 should be really difficult for you, but
    For the 70-271 and 70-272, they'll ask you about thing you never do at work, or at home, only to know if you know all the option or functionnaly offered by XP.

    For the 70-270, study using Internet and book, It's an OS exam, but you'll found some question about GPO, Domain server 2003, etc.. icon_eek.gif but since you pratice, it'll be ok

    Finally, I'll suggere you to take them in this order 70-271, 70-272, 70-270, I have done in this way, but it's only an advice.

    For the 70-620, in my opinion it's not a difficult exam, I should place it between the 70-272 and the 70-270 in difficult level, but You should pratice, because questions essentialy deals about the new fonctionnality, like Bit Locker, New Firewall, UAC, etc...

    I hope you succeed ! icon_cool.gif
  • Nishesh.PrasadNishesh.Prasad Member Posts: 185
    I would always suggest taking the 70-270 first. The topics covered are more vast and in-depth than the one's in Mcdst. Once you clear 270, u can be rest assured You have over 80% of the knowldege of what is required in Mcdst as a whole. The rest 20% will need a few brush ups with the MS Press and some Hands on Practice Tests.

    gud luck.
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