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I am preparing for 70-270 exam and while I was going through the practice exams I came across many question related to domain/active directory. Being a first exam in MCSE/MCSA series how could they expect you to have knowledge of server operating system when the exam is about the client OS. I hope the exam questions would be within the scope of Windows XP professional.
Those who’ve sat through the exam, did they face tricky server related questions e.g. OU’s, domain security policy etc and what not.


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    sprkymrksprkymrk Member Posts: 4,884 ■■■□□□□□□□
    The posted objectives are what they will test you on:

    Here are a few that might be considered server oriented, but really are skills necessary to the XP client (especially something like IIS, which can be run in a limited fashion on XP):

    • Install Windows XP Professional by using Remote Installation Services (RIS).
    • Control access to files and folders by using permissions.
    • Optimize access to files and folders.
    • Manage and troubleshoot Web server resources.
    • Manage printers and print jobs.
    • Control access to printers by using permissions.
    Manage and troubleshoot access to and synchronization of offline files.
    Configure, manage, and implement Internet Information Services (IIS).
    • Configure, manage, and troubleshoot account settings.
    • Configure, manage, and troubleshoot account policy.
    • Configure, manage, and troubleshoot user and group rights.

    Was there anything specific you had questions about?
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    singh8281singh8281 Member Posts: 126
    No you prertty much explained in detail. or you can say intimidated by your avatar LOL. Thanks.
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