802.11 B and G 2.4 GHZ in one device

MACattackMACattack Member Posts: 121
802.11 B and G can be combine in one device also 802.11 A or in other terms a 2.4 GHZ and 5 GHZ can be combine in one device ( access point or Cisco WLAN bridge ) or DUAL .

My inquiry is in using 2.4 GHZ band both B and G in one device does not affect each other, is there any problems when a 802.11b uses channel 1 and 802.11 g uses same channel 1, i am sure there is due to it uses same RF band.

We know that B and G band are backward compatible each other except that G band will slow down when there is a presence of B band due to its data rates of B band are limited (only uses 1, 2 , 5.5 and 11 data rates)


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