VTP on a 2924 and 1924

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Been trying to get this one done for a while. Tried on dynamips and now trying on some real kit.

Unfortunately i could only afford a 2924 and picked the 1924 (yes i know its rubbish but I’m poor) out the skip. I've upgraded the ios on the 1900 to 9.00.07.

I then setup some vlans on the 2924 and set fa0/24 to switchport mode trunk. I then set the vtp domain to HOME. I went over to to 1924 and set its fa/26 to switchport mode trunk and set the vtp to client. My cross over cable is going between these two ports.

My worry is when i do a show vtp status on the 1924 it doesn’t show the domain null or the correct number of vlans.

I've read todd's book a fair few time (3 so far :D ) but its not sinking in, any suggestions where I’m going wrong?



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    802.1q or ISL?
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    i always thought both did just isl but just turning them on to double check :)
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    My worry is when i do a show vtp status on the 1924 it doesn’t show the domain null or the correct number of vlans.

    You would need to set the domain names to the same value to share VLAN information between them (if one were null, it would pick up the first vtp domain in any vtp advertisement it hears.) Also I would check the interfaces are in fact forming a trunk between the switches, ensure the VTP domain and password are correct, the switches are set to VTP server or client (you can set them both to server if you like, or one server and one client), and ensure the revision numbers are the same on both switches.
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    thanks for getting back, i was worried before about the vervions numbers as the 1924 says v1 and the 2924 says v2.

    I'll add the vtp domain into the 1924 as well to see if that helps. abit knaclkered now so will get back to you tommorow after work.

    thanks again
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    ok just put the 1924 to server mode, added it to the domain home then added it back to client. Did a show vtp and show vlan and i can now see the vlans. Not sure why i didnt try this before as i was did this earlier in dynamips. Maybe its the drink. But thank you so much for your help guys as its all starting to make sense.
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