ccsp exams hardest to easiest

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Can you kind folks break down the hardest to easiest for me:

I really appriciate everyones response.
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    For me I'd say it was CSVPN (hardest), IPS, SNRS, SNPA, SND (Easiest). I had about 3 years of experience with the PIX and ASA devices and about 7 years with routers and switches when I took the current CCSP exams. I had the least experience with the VPN concentrators because we typically used the PIX or ASA for all our VPN connections, and I had never used the VPN 3002 hardware client prior to studying for the certification, that was where I spent the most time.

    Your experience will vary depending on your background before you persue the certification.
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    Thanks for the reply...

    I am wondering if studying for the CCSP is going to be to much for me...

    I am going to take the CCNA in max 2 months. I have used cisco gear on and off for years. Most recently 2950 switches, and CSS devices. However I have used all different kinds of cisco routers, and some (not a lot) experience on ASA's and PIXes....

    I would prefer to continue onto CCSP vs CCNP because I currently work as a security administrator. I feel like CCSP would be best for my job goals... I just don't want it to take me years to accomplish. I was hoping to complete it in about a year or less. I am planning on building a home lab, but some of the hardware is cost prohibitive...


    Labs perhaps?
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    To build out a lab for the CCSP would be expensive, you could look into using PEMU for a PIX simulatior, but you still need access to an IPS to study and they're not cheap. If you decide to go for the CSVPN, MARS or NAC exams you would need additional equipment. I guess that's why most canidates take the HIPS exam. YOu would also need an ACS box for many of the labs.

    I would do as much as possible using simulators like PEMU and Dynamips, then look into renting a CCIE security rack for the rest, wouldn't cost nearly as much.
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    You should pursue SNRS first since it uses familiar technology (switches and routers).
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    What kind of gear is needed for the HIPS exam?

    I don't want to go the cheap/easy way out, but I can only do so much.

    I got dynagen/dynamips running (multiple images, this is just temp, want to use real equipment), and I am working on getting PEMU running (not sure if this is temp or will be what I use for the exams).

    I was thinking about getting at least 1 pix maybe 2.

    So am I correct in stating that the: HIPS and IPS exams are the ones I would need to rent rack time or figure something out?

    Oh ya I am building a lab that will have 2610, 3640, 2924, etc.... Will have most of this in place by the end of the week.
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    Did you buy anything else yet? I was wondering about buying the ASA 5505 to use on the exam, not sure what all else would be needed with the new exams coming out.

    I on the other hand, do want to go the cheap way out (not using old out of date equipment, but using what is needed) I don't want to spend much more than 2k over what I'm spending on my CCNP lab. So thats 2k for the CCSP stuff, which i guess I would just need this asa 505, 3005, 4210. Would this be enough? or should I buy other items? I am really interested in the firewall test, and will be taking it first (after the SND exam of course)
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