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Hi Guys

All of the clients have their printers installed to their login by vavugating to the printer share on server and double clicking it, this makes it profile based so anyone else logging on does not have any printers and then it has to be done again.

What is the easiest way to attach clients to printers, they can be installed locally pointing to printers IP but that would mean visiting over 150 clients to do this, i have heard of Kix32 but never used it

Any ideas would be great

Lee H


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    We use a combination of Windows Server 2k3 R2 and .VBS scripts. We used Kix32, but after a while found it to b e over complicated. If you want a sample of our printer script let us know :)

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    Sorry mate, just re-reading. I assume that you're in a Windows domain environment?

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    all of our clients have a SR******* name, a random letter and number that is its name in AD

    if i made a login script i would have to list all of the clients SR numbers along with the printer/s they will be attached to

    we only have 150 so i dont mind doing it once

    can this be done without using group policy via AD, what about local GP

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    have found a solution

    a simple script below, different one dpending on were client is and what printer it needs will be placed in the "all users/start menu/programs/startup" folder

    Set objWSHNetwork = CreateObject("WScript.Network") 'create network object
    strConnectString = "\\server\printer"
    strResult = objWSHNetwork.AddWindowsPrinterConnection(strConnectString)

    duplicate this text if more than 1 printer is needed

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    You can do it just as easily with a login script for your users.

    Here's the syntax:

    rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /in /n \\servername\printershare
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