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Guys i passed my ICND this am with a 902. Finally i have my CCNA and i can take a week off and go straight into the CCNP. Thanks everyone for your help.


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    Congrats man! Hopefully I'll be saying that soon (only the 801 myself)
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    CCNP or MCSE is next to come.
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    I'll tell you one thing it's a great feeling. I got alot of help from people in this forum. It's a great resource.
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    huge congrats, good luck with CCNP icon_cool.gif
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    Hey kafifi... nice job. Congrats. And good luck on the NP.

    Let's keep the questions/answers flowing... the NP has no shortage of tough topics. What are you starting with... BSMSN?
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  • kafifi13kafifi13 Member Posts: 259
    I haven't decided yet. I'm going to take a week off and during that time i'll try and figure out what i should start with first. I really want to learn BGP so i may start with BSCI
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    Congratulations Kafifi. From your frequency here at the forums, it's obvious you work hard and are dedicated to gaining some knowledge. Best of luck to you with your future progression. alien.gif
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    Wow you're awesome!
    I hope to follow ya soon.
    Im hopefully going to be taking my Intro this upcoming month.
    GL with NP!
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    Congratulations! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Waiting to hear more great news from u soon!! Let's get together to celebrate!

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    Congrats! :D
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    Congratulations for passing!

    Good luck with the CCNP!
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    Congrats icon_cool.gif

    I like that you're going straight into CCNP. I need to get off my lazy duff and get started on my next cert.
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  • kafifi13kafifi13 Member Posts: 259
    It gives me something to do. I really want to get alot more certs and i feel as though the more time i take off the harder it will be for me to get back into study mode.
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    kafifi13 wrote:
    Guys i passed my ICND this am with a 902. Finally i have my CCNA and i can take a week off and go straight into the CCNP. Thanks everyone for your help.
    Well done Kaffi13, good to see.
    totts from essex
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