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Hi people,
Can anyone help me out with the following:

I got a certificate for a website and i need to install in all the machines of the company(around 300) im not sure how to do it.
I have done that with security certificates to access a specific resource, but for a website i dont know how to do it.


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    I'm assuming you're running Active Directory. If so, create a group policy entry and apply the certificate into that GPO. You can do it at the default domain policy, create a new GPO at the root of your domain next to your default domain policy, apply the GPO on an OU, apply it on a root OU, etc... When a client logs on, they will pull down that GPO and see that they should have the certificate installed and will install it accordingly. There are also vbscripts out there which will automate the certificate installation. You can use a loginscript within a GPO to launch the logiscript which will install the certificate on clients who pull down the GPO.
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