HIPS exam

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anyone taken this?

What gear is needed to pass this exam?
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    HIPS is all about software installed on end systems and servers. It's built around the Cisco Security Agent (CSA) and the CSA MC (CSA Management Center). The majority of people I know that took the HIPS exam book studied it, doesn't seem there's alot of hands on required for this one. The official lab guide is only 33 pages long (and about 10 of those are diagrams), compare that to the ICND lab guide which is 81 pages long.
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    Thanks dtlokee...

    The only reason why I am considering that test is because some of the gear for tests:

    642-533 IPS

    are cost prohibitive...

    So I am just trying to map out my CCSP path....

    I really appriciate your time and advice
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    Yeah I know what you mean. I own a school so when I gear up for new courses I need to buy the equiment X 12 (ugh!). Not too bad when it's a some routers, but the BCMSN course was by far the worst when it was upgraded. 12 X 2006 WLC, 12 X 3560G PS EMI.... cost was around $120,000 for that one module.

    You can get access to an IPS by renting rack time from a CCIE security rack vendor (will cost around $50 for 8 hours, but it's cheaper than buying it) You may also be able to find a local reseller that is willing to rent you one for a month or so (I have done this in the past)
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    YIKES that is brutal....

    Well the IPS stuff is going to be a bummer that is why I was looking into the HIPS stuff...

    I work with all kinds of IDS at work now, but not the cisco stuff...

    I am not really sure which path to take with all of this...

    But once again I really appricate your advice.
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    For the CCSP you can't avoid the IPS exam. The HIPS exam would be an alternative to the CSVPN/NAC/MARS exams.

    Check this link for more information:

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    Definitely go the rack route. Do it at the end of your studies so you don't waste time on basic mistakes. The experience will be more than worth the expense as the IPS is totally different to any other Cisco device you may have worked with. I did one 6 hour rack session a few days before my exam and did fine, just make sure you make good use of the time and spend a good deal of it learning how to navigate the various config modes (there are quite a few relative to FOS/IOS devices).
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    Once again thanks for the replys..

    So when you say rack I am assuming you mean rack rental?

    I guess that is what I will do... There is a good chance we will start using the cisco IPS here at work sooner or later. So I will probably push that test more towards the end of my CCSP (here I am talking like I already have my CCNA).

    I think I am still going to build a home lab though. I have dynamips/gen running on several boxes and have gotten up to a simulating half a dozen routers or various types. But I feel like I will get more out of having the real gear in my hands (beyond what I do at work).

    At the moment I am thinking for me the best order to attempt the tests will be:

    642-513 or 642-511 (depending on what i can get my hands on etc...)

    I am hoping 2 average will be enough time for each test... Or I can get them all done in max 1 year.... Hopefully...
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