NEC Phone showing as CDP neighbor

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Anyone ever seen this before? I thought CDP was Cisco only...perhaps other companies are figuring out they need to fall in line... icon_lol.gif Here's the output:

C3750_xx_xxx_x_x#sh cdp neigh fa1/0/19 detail
Device ID: 0060B9076092
Entry address(es):
Platform: BCM91100, Capabilities: Host
Interface: FastEthernet1/0/19, Port ID (outgoing port):
Holdtime : 179 sec

Version :

advertisement version: 2
Application: VoIP using vlan 800
Power drawn: 6.400 Watts
Management address(es):


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    This is probably because it needs CDP to determine whether it should deliver power to the connected port. Pretty cool though icon_cool.gif
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    CDP has been licensed to other vendors, my HP switches show up as CDP neighbors (which is a problem because I bought them so the students wouldn't see them in the lab topology). With phones the voice VLAN is typically advertised with CDP as well as the power requirements and QoS marking and trust states (if the phone has an integrated switch)
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    Awesome, thanks for the info.
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